• The project aims at giving the trainee experiencein extended piece of work.An opportunity to develop and implement their own ideas. experience  in writing a simple technical report and in keeping records on work as it proceeds.

This unit we will look at chemistry where by we will study matter and the reactions it undergoes.  

This course unit is intended to expose the trainee is understand the agricultural environment.It is also intended to equip the trainee with communication skills for extension purpose.

Animal production in Kenya is of prime importance. The animal industry has greatly contributed to the Kenyan economy through provision of food, employment and national income.
Currently several methods are being employed to improve this industry. Improved livestock feeding, health and other management
practices are being deployed to step up milk, wool, meat, eggs, fish and honey production. Further than this, investigation on improved methods of production and institutionalized training and manpower development is being conducted and encouraged. 
By the end of the course you should be able to:-
a)have acquired knowledge and attitudes in animal handling
b)Demonstrate skills in animal feeding and; reproduction, breeding management and health.
c)Demonstrate skills and techniques in livestock production.
d)Communicate to the farmer on the innovations and techniques.
e)Adjust to new technologies.