Pharmacognosy   :    


General Introduction  : The Scope of Pharmacognosy , Definitions    and Basic Principles .


Pharmacognosy : Is the study of medicinal products in their crude , or unprepared form . The word derived from the Greek words Pharmakon  (drug) , and gnosis or ( knowledge ) .


Pharmacognosy is a subject o identify or authenticate the plant parts using macroscopical , anatomical & phytochemical characters ,and it includes the study of the physical , chemical , biochemical and biological properties of drugs, drug substances or potential drugs or drug substances of natural origin as well as the search for new drugs from natural sources.


Although pharmacognosy is principally concerned with plant materials , there are some animal products which are traditionally encompassed within the subject such as ( beeswax , gelatin , wool fat ,Vitamins …..etc). In addition to that the antibiotics , hormones and others may be also involved , Marine organisms ( Plants & Animals ) which have special potent pharmacological actions are now paied high attention in the search for new drugs .

There are some materials having no pharmacological action but have interest to pharmacognosists are ( Natural fibers , Flavoring and suspending agents , colorants , disintegrants , stabilizers , and filtering and supporting media . Also there are other materials that have natural associations with the subject are ( Poisonous & Hallucinogenic plants , allergens herbicides , insecticides & molluscicides ) .


Pharmacognosy Science Concerned With Studying the Following Subjects :

1-    Taxonomy of plants & the natural sources of drugs .

2-    Distribution of natural products in the world .

3-    Description of plants such as : Tree ( Salix ) , Shrub(Catharanthus) Perennial ( Peppermint ) .

4-    The active constituents from natural sources ( Active groups ) like : ( Glycosides , Alkaloids , Volatile Oils , Tannins , etc ) .

5-    The biosynthesis & storage places of the active constituents in organisms ( Plants , animals ….etc ) .

6-    The part which used from the natural sources in medicine and pharmacy as : Leaf ( Mint , Digitalis ) , Roots ( Liquorice ) , Seeds ( Coffee bean ) , Bark ( Cinnamon ) .

7-    Collection & Storage of the part used .

8-    Physical , Chemical & Biological properties of the scribed for a limited duration active constituents .

9-    The Correct prescription of natural drug in the treatment of the disease .


The Course is concerned mainly with all the aspects of Medicine Supply Logistics not only in our Public Sector Medical  Facilities but also in the private sector Hospitals.

It is composed of the following units all taken together to their logical conclusion:


 2.Primary Health Care (PHC)

 3.National Drug Policy (NDP)

 4.Medicine Selection and Quantification

 5.Medicine Procurement and Distribution

 6.Medicine Donations

 7.Medicine Storage

 8.Rational Use Medicine