By the end of this  course the trainee should be able to; differentiate beween thermistors and resistance thermometers.

This unit enables the leaner or trainee:
  • to understand mathematical techniques relevant to electrical engineering
  • apply mathematical techniques relevant to electrical engineering
  • appreciate the role of mathematics in everyday life

Industrial demand for safe and productive automated facilities requires that electricians, maintenance technicians, operators,supervisors and other industry personnel possess thorough understanding of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). PLC technicians are responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting industrial control systems. They work closely with engineers and other technicians to ensure that these systems are functioning properly at all times.

This course is an introduction to PLC theory,operation,programming,maintenance and trouble shooting. This course contains a total of six topics and has a contemporary layout designed to facilitate quick comprehension. Activities included in each topic will help you learn effectively and review key concepts in this course. You will require four hours per week to complete each section as guided by your trainer.