This module is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her prepare a business plan.

By the end of this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  1. understand the background of intended business
  2. understand the market environment of a business
  3. understand organization and management plan
  4. appreciate the role of an operational plan
  5. prepare financial projections
  6. prepare a business plan

This course deals primarily with forms of taxes in Kenya, principles underlying taxation and enables the learner to understand and appreciate  the reason why government levy taxes. It serves to achieve three objectives with regard to taxes as follows:

  • to provide  learners with knowledge  of the fundamental tax principles and rules
  • to instill awareness on computation of taxes
  • to apply tax concepts to everyday business  activities

This is a Stage 3 course which will end in November 2021

This course will equip the trainees with Legal Issues relating to formation, management and dissolution of a company

Trade project is a specialized research project that is mandatory for all who persue diploma in accountancy. All students must identify a researchable topic in their area of specialiazation. The project assessment is done in three milestones that will finally culminate in uploading of marks and the final write up. The integrity of the project is highly regarded and originality is paramount.

Uploading of progressive milestones will depend on previous uploads. thus, if you did not upload a previous milestone, you cannot access the current milestones. most importantly, the milestones can only be uploaded when KNEC opens its Project portal.

This Unit Comprises on The Following Topics:

  1. Introduction to Auditing I
  2. Introduction to Auditing II
  3. Types of Audits
  4. Internal and External Auditing
  5. Auditors and The Company
  6. Audit Planning
  7. Audit Sampling
  8. Auditing Evidence
  9. Internal Controls
  10. Verification of Assets & Liabilities
  11. Computerized Audits
  12. Audit Report