this subject will equip the trainee with necessary knowledge and skills to understand the forms of business organizations, the sources ,management and application of business finances in Kenya and the comparative appropriateness of each source of finance.

General objectives

at the end of this course unit the trainee will be able to;

1.Identify the various forms of business organizations

2.Identify the various sources of business finance and evaluate the comparative appropriateness of each source.

3.Identify the various institutions that participate in the market for finances.

4.use valuation models and ratios in making financial decisions

5.Identify various methods of evaluating long term projects 

The  course deals primarily with types of taxes and how the government is able to achieve its primary purpose of taxation which is to raise maximum revenue to facilitate economic development. It serves to achieve three objectives :

  • To provide learners with the working knowledge of fundamental tax principles
  • To equip learners with skills on computation of taxes
  • To enable learners to apply tax concepts in  everyday business activities.

This course is runs for two years from Stage 2 to Stage 3.

This course unit  equips you with auditing principles and skills to perform audits in business and non-business organisation in a professionally accepted manner