This module unit is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable him/her, process information and communicate effectively at the workplace.

General Learning Outcomes.

By the end of this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • appreciate the importance of communication in the workplace
  • develop the necessary skills for effective communication
  • appreciate the use of different modes and forms of communication
  • identify the role of Information Technology Communication in communication
  • develop the necessary writing skills for various documents.
  • apply communication ethics at the workplace
  • cope with emerging issues and trends in communication skills


At the end of this topic,the trainee should be abe to:

a) carry out a feasibility study for a given system

b)Explain the need for systems analysis

c) Describe the design,evaluation and implementation procedure for information system

d) Discuss the guidelines on hardware and software selections


This course unit is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge of the principles of law relating to commercial transactions and to control imposed by government for the benefit of the individual.

General Objectives

At the end of this course the trainee should be able to:

  1. describe the nature and sources of commercial law.
  2. describe the nature and sources of administrative law
  3. outline the principles of the Law of; Contract, Agency, Partnerships, Sale Of Goods, Hire purchase...etc
  4. apply the principle of law in decision making
  5. demonstrate competency in making legally sound decision or advise by solving and analysing given fictitious problems or case studies


Social studies is concerned with the study of factors which affects the total life of an individual. This course seeks to equip trainees with essential social skills,and knowledge about their society. It is also designed to encourage positive attitudes which they   require in order to effectively play their role in the society.


At the end of this topic, the trainee should be able to;

- portray positive attitude in relation to work and society.

- Develop positive cultural values  for self-fulfilment.

-Formulate his/her own ideals.

- Understand the role of the Government.

- Relate the behaviour of individuals to their efficiency and effectiveness in an organisation

Financial accounting is a course which is offered to students with a career aspiration in accounting.

It nurtures and creates the best skill in the analysis and interpretation of financial statements