Electrical And Electronics Engineering Department

This course is for trainees who want to learn how to design and install small (less than 300Wp) off-grid solar PV systems. Solar electricity is a convenient form of electricity for people far from the electric grid or for people who want to reduce their electric bills in the long run. Solar electricity is electric power generated from sunlight using devices called solar modules. Solar electricity can replace, cost-effectively small applications of petroleum-fueled generators, grid power and even dry cells. Since the mid-nineties, world production of solar modules has increased rapidly, largely due to demand for grid-connected systems.

This course aims at covering hands-on skills in the following areas

  • Solar energy basics
  • Components of solar electric systems
  • Detailed discussions on each part of the solar electric system
  • Accessories used in solar PV systems
  • Solar PV system design methodology
  • Installation practice
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting procedures